All Things Shall Pass

It has been quite a time since the last post. Spring and Summer have been a rich and transitional time. Today I read with sadness the word of Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple’s CEO. I’m not a techie by any stretch. But I’ve admired this man’s innovation and impact on our culture. I love my iPhone.  I have joked for the last couple of years that if I had to give up my family or my iPhone……well, I’d be weighing the options.   Such cleverness.  Such usefullness.  The drive behind that creativity is falling to his physical limitations.  We are all dust, after all.  I, as we all, embrace the fiction that we…. WE…. are special in some way.   We will live long and healthy.  If we have not achieved our dream, we have time yet for that.  If we have achieved our desires at the various stages of our lives, we feel blessed.  Somehow God touches us.  We don’t know why or how but it is our abiding knowledge.  

Who among us would be more blessed than Steve Jobs?  But today, he succumbs to illness of the body.  Steve Jobs, whose mind is so beautiful as a creative engine, which touches us all – whose body is so mortal.

When I was a kid, I loved the giants of Folk Music.  I’m going to date myself here, but I loved The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul and Mary.  The power and DRIVE of their music inspired and empowered me.  In the last few years, Nick Reynolds of TKT and Mary Travers of PP&M died.  Here are pictures of each at the height of their power and in age and infermity.

Mary:   Here’s Nick: r’

The people whose passion and life force energy can inspire and touch us are gifts.  Be they Steve , or Mary or Nick (as they do me) or Barack Obama,  Rick Perry, Bruce Springsteen,  Lady Gaga, or any writer, singer, innovator, crier, screamer, tickler, we all pass through these stages.  Our task is to love ourselves and one another as we pass through this universal course.  None of us gets out of this alive, but we can strive, always, to find the love and passion that makes us alive.