Separated and Still Married

The New York Times last week ran a great story by Pamela Paul describing the many couples who choose not to live together, but to stay married.  These couples include Warren Buffet and his wife (who remained married for 27 years after separation and despite his long term relationship with another woman).  The article raises all the questions you face in deciding to divorce – the hassle and expense of divorce vs. the confusion and financial risk of staying married to someone you no longer share a life with vs. the benefits of remaining married (health insurance coverage, for one).  Despite a full-on article about this potential path in the NY Times, this is still a rare choice.  When a marriage or long term relationship ends, almost always there is one partner who leaves and one who is left.  The “leaver” is anxious to start anew.  In fact, the article seems mostly to describe couples who have been together and raised a family so that the press to chart a new course in their lives may not be as pressing.  In any event, its a well written piece and thought provoking.