Divorce in 40 Words

Recently, Huffington Post asked readers to tweet them one word for Divorce and then published the top 40 responses.  The list:

Pivotal; Painful; Torture; Heartbreaking (even though I initiated it); Rebirth; Freedom; Ex-marry; Destructive; Draining; Eye-opening; Sweet; Death; Overcomplicated; Hell; Option; Fate; Bittersweet; Blessing; Sobering; Brutal; Tragedy; Unending; Bye; Vengeful; Solution; Necessary; Expensive; Hard; Calm; Heartache; Amazing; Amputation; Numbing; Trying.

The best: Supercallifragalisticfreakinsuckadocious.

Words from lawyers and coaches (from their twitter names): Transition (from a divorce lawyer); Empowering (Twitter name: Gradual Wisdom); Endinning (Ending and a beginning) (from a divorce lawyer); Evolution (Twitter name: Divorce Party Gal):  Peace (Twitter name: Living Happily After).